The Story of jt bevy


Madness EP Milestones

JT Bevy's Madness EP was our debut release with our own label (Frank Q Productions). In the first 8 months, Bevy reached the milestones  set for the band's year end goals. 

  • Live radio interviews and air play in 6 Major Markets - Denver, San Antonio, Delaware, Southern & Northern California and Tampa
  • 19,031 Video Views - Bring It Loud had 11,060 views alone & Wake Up Call had 1,300 views on the day it was released
  • 9,200 Followers on Social Media (Facebook)
  • 9 Major Press Releases by credible publishers, ie.. AXS, All Access and more!
  • Play live in a Music Festival
  • Tour through 4 states to promote the EP
  • World-wide streaming by a 3rd party online Blog


Band Bio

JT Bevy is formed and fronted by Jake Thomas, a singer, songwriter and producer who has fronted and played over 1,000 shows over a 15 year time period. He is bringing all the years of experience and music diversity into JT Bevy for great new music and an amazing live show experience! 

Jake's extensive multi-genre music back ground gives him an "anything goes" pop/rock music style that can capture a large audience with different music tastes. 

The music is centered on alternative rock with shades of electronic, rap, classic and pop country rock. You could say it's a mix of Jane's Addiction meets Imagine Dragons with a touch of The 1975 and The Red Hot Chili Peppers!


Jake has fronted, played guitar, bass, keyboards and drums in different bands with over 1,000 different shows for crowds with up and over 2,000 people. 

JT Bevy is based in  the Salt Lake City area where he played in several bands. Two of his well-known bands were Quite Frankly and London Bridge. 


Studio Work

 Jake recorded, produced and played all the instruments the on the JT Bevy releases. Featured artists joined on a couple tracks giving the EP some dynamic style and genre versatility. 

Jake has recorded, engineered, produced and played on several other artists original tracks with artist ranging from R&B/rap, heavy metal, electronic, classic county, alternative and pop rock.  Producing is as a passion to Jake with an appreciation for all types of influences and genres.